Nana Banana (speaky_bean) wrote in dn_contest,
Nana Banana

Hey guys--I'm just posting briefly to keep the community from being purged by Livejournal. There's some really amazing fanfiction up here, so I wouldn't want to see it deleted just because nothing new is going up.

  • Week #97 - Light's Death

    Title: The Wicked Fall... Characters: Light (of course!), L, Mello Rating: Teen Word count: 1621 Note: It breaks from canon before Higuchi's…

  • Secret Santa 2

    Title: Christmas in a Nuclear Winter Rating: Teen Warnings: In the wake of all this other Christmas-related angst... none. Character(s): Mostly L and…

  • Secret Santa 2

    Title: No Hope for Beyond Rating: Teen Warnings: Not exactly promoting the Christmas cheer I suppose this prompt was meant to do.…

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