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Hey guys--I'm just posting briefly to keep the community from being purged by Livejournal. There's some really amazing fanfiction up here, so I wouldn't want to see it deleted just because nothing new is going up.
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SO I don't think anyone remembers me.

I am the person formally known as "Marshmellooo" however seeing as how college and work has intervened, I was unable to post. For a while. Long enough to fail epically.

But anyway, hi, I don't think anyone remembers me. I used to make banners for this site as prizes. XD

I'm up for business once again, if needed. Just so ya know. ^^
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Banner - Week 102

Gotta keep these going. Just got one left to do when we find out. I hope this is fine for you Vashti. It's not exactly the right setting for your story [The larger image I have is of a cafe but the lighting is vary blue and suggests wintery] but it's one I'm really quite happy with myself. To sound arrogant xD


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Remember how, way back when, I made an April Fools post saying I was quitting the community? Back then, I never would have dreamed that I'd have to do it for real.

First of all, I want to apologize. I haven't been any good at maintaining the community these past few months. Part of this is because I recently moved, part of it is because I got distracted by real life, and part of it is just not being into the fandom anymore. I still love Death Note, I always will, but I do not currently feel like there's anything left for me to explore within the fandom. Many of you have similarly lost interest, in both the fandom and dn_contest in particular. I thought I could keep running this place despite these things, but it's come to the point where I can't even remember the deadlines. I used to plan out prompt ideas and special events weeks in advance. We used to have up to 20 entries some weeks, now one, two, or three is more common. Things have changed, and I think it's time to move on. After week #104, which I have put up a voting post for so that the authors who participated can be recognized for their work, dn_contest is officially closed for business. And in case anyone is worried, I will not delete the community--I will leave it as is. There is too much amazing work archived here to get rid of it.

Running dn_contest has been a wonderful experience for me. I had the privilege of reading some of the best Death Note fanfiction I have ever seen in my life, and I wrote stories I didn't think myself capable of. I also met kickass, amazing people, some of whom became close friends. I found out how generous some people could be--every banner maker who selflessly made gorgeous banners every week for months has been a godsend. Each and every one of you has been instrumental in making this community the great thing it was, and I can't thank you enough for participating. I hope that you all had as wonderful an experience as I did, and I'm sorry that it has to end now.

I love you guys. May you continue with your amazing writing, whether it's within the Death Note fandom or not. Thank you so much for everything you've done.
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Voting - Week #104 - Drugs

Hello hello! Here is the voting post, for you to enjoy!

Vote in this screened post for your favorite entry.

~You may not vote for your own entry.
~You may not vote more than once.
~Voting closes April 16th, 12PM (EST). The winner will be announced on Friday, and the banner will go up sometime during the week.

Omission of Amplitude by chikyuushou

High Tea by liam_sensei

Alphabet Soup by stk316